New samples!

New samples from the river bottom. Great pics of caddis and baetis in transition. Downtown is fishing great on dries right now. Lots of fun having all the top water action again. Get there early or late because the in-between is a shit show. tons and tons of tubers and the heat is not helping either.

Samples 5/26/2012

The water is up a little and the fish have spread out! We are still getting great Caddis and BWO hatches along with our everyday midge hatch. The browns are really coming up for the dry fly and the most productive rig is a double rig. One hot butt caddis and one Para Adams. Get ready on the swing as they are readily taking it as you set back up for your next cast! Stoneflies are still going strong and I do still suggest a Copper John and BWO emerger as a Nymph rig.

Have fun people!

Golden Fly Fishing

Sometimes you find yourself proud of the fish you catch. I saw this guy feeding in the center lane of the river during a Blue Wing Olive hatch. I must have cast to several fish that day, but the cast I got this guy on was perfect. Great upstream presentation, good drift, and no drag right to him. It’s not about the “big fish” that keeps me coming back to Golden, it’s all about the fishing.

Fish are becoming more and more active in downtown Golden Colorado

Fishing seemed to pick up today around noon. There was a small hatch going on and the fish seemed to be in the shallower areas and spread out more feeding. All browns once again and all the fish were about 7-8 inches. I used the Tenkara rod and drifted a Triple ” C” Caddis slowly through the lanes. The fishing is fair to good still and will only get better as water levels increase. Looks like warmer weather coming soon enough!