Golden’s Got Fish!

Here on Clear Creek we take pride in being the ” Little Guy” People pass us by all the time on there way to bigger streams across the state. We may not be a Blue Ribbon Winner but, we have great fishing from Golden all the way to the head waters. Feel free to drop us a line. Our river is like our town, it gets better and better everyday!

2 thoughts on “Golden’s Got Fish!

  1. Have been fishing the stretch of Clear Creek around Lawson for years and back around 10/10/12 saw the biggest fish ever on this water. Have never seen or caught a fish over 12 inches on CC but manged to site catch (and lose) a 20″ rainbow. Maybe he came down from Georgetown lake I guess. Anyway, a bit of a shocker.

    • Clear creak always surprises me. I’ve seen a few and caught a few that were 15-16″ but never as big as u saw and especially a rainbow! I love the Lawson stretch. It is a nice place when the canyon is crowded or to fish the pools by the log cabin builders building. Tight lines John !

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