Fly fishing Golden

Took a group out to the canyon to the ” Lanes” section after tunnel 3 and ” Big Rock” the browns were all over and taking a nice selection of BWO emerger’s. With the weather changing and cold front in place it will slow down a bit, but we should see some great hatches when it warms up. Concentrate on the edges of the river and deep pools.

Golden Mile

Last year TU completed their work on what has been named the ” Golden Mile”. Now that it is complete, and looks great by the way, lets get it stocked. I have been trying for a few years now to get notifications as to why we keep getting ” sub Catchable” trout stocked.The CDW does stock above 6th ave bridge and u the canyon. They even released 10,000 fish in 2010. But all of these were 4″ trout. the hope was that they would eventually grow bigger. Our local biologist is skeptical that they will do so and does not see us getting the CDW to stock it with big fish because of werling disease and other contaminates. They also only do catch and release overviews every 5 years. They did one last year so the cycle will start again in 4 years. Funny that I see a problem with this. Since they know the fish are contaminated and are not telling people not to eat them, wouldn’t it be better to make it catch and release for health safety? I see people in the canyon and in Golden with stringers of fish that they take home. Should be an easy one.

I can understand the fish stocking because I have been to the hatcheries and know how short they are on big fish. I also know that they stock the big fish in the more popular areas. So how do we make Golden more popular for the fishing crowd and artificial flies and lures only with a catch and release status?

Clear Creek Fishing Report 5/7/12

I know, we have been spoiled the last few months with incredible weather and clear water. And as always we need the rain so it was great to see it today. Clear Creek’s flows are up and the water is a bit on the chocolate milk side. The water is still fishable so don’t pass it up, but bring the right layers as it gets cold. Water temps were at 39F at 930am today and the outside temp was in the 40’s. The samples showed a ton of insect life (no change there) with huge water logged grubs in every sample ( size 4-6). We are still seeing lots of Golden Stones and Caddis larva ( see pics). I was fishing a red San Juan worm as always in merky water followed by a size 16 Rubber Legged Copper John. I switched to a size 16 Prince nymph after awhile and they were all productive. The fish have moved to the edges and slower areas because of the higher darker water.

Tight Lines people!

Golden Fly Fishing

Sometimes you find yourself proud of the fish you catch. I saw this guy feeding in the center lane of the river during a Blue Wing Olive hatch. I must have cast to several fish that day, but the cast I got this guy on was perfect. Great upstream presentation, good drift, and no drag right to him. It’s not about the “big fish” that keeps me coming back to Golden, it’s all about the fishing.

Golden Fly Fishing Report 4/13/2012

What a difference a week makes! The water is off color due to storms and run off and the fish are hiding. Fished Downtown section again and the water levels have made the fish spread out again. I used a rubber legged Copper John again and pink egg. Got most of them on the pink today. Good patterns are your typical runoff box: San Juan Worm pink or red, copper john, hairs ear, and other bright colors would work well. Waiting to see if a hatch presents itself in the near future! Enjoy!

Fly Fishing Clear Creek Golden

Great samples out of the river today and even better fishing! Lots of Early season Golden stonefly nymphs in the water right now. A perfect match for a rubber Legged Copper John size 16. The fish were keying in on them and I was fishing them in tandem at one point. The water level could not be more perfect and there are a ton of bugs in my samples. Nymphing is still best in the morning and in the afternoon switch to a dropper if you would like. I used the Tenkara rods and man are they a slice of heaven. I fyou are interested in renting one or purchasing one please contact me. Look for a Tenkara day in Golden coming up soon where you can come out and try our new rods!

Clear Creek River Samples 6th Ave Bridge Golden Fly Fishing

Just took these guys out of the river today and man do we have some great food organisms down here in Golden! The water is a bit off color and much higher than two days ago. Fishing is still good but you will have to cover the river not just the deep holes!!!!!

Fly Fishing Evergreen For the day

I Used to live up in Evergreen Colorado and sometimes find myself heading to lower Bear Creek. Today it was a bit off color as the lake melts and Little Cub Creek drains into it. Fish your SanJuans in red and pink and look for the Rainbows to spawn soon enough!

Fish are becoming more and more active in downtown Golden Colorado

Fishing seemed to pick up today around noon. There was a small hatch going on and the fish seemed to be in the shallower areas and spread out more feeding. All browns once again and all the fish were about 7-8 inches. I used the Tenkara rod and drifted a Triple ” C” Caddis slowly through the lanes. The fishing is fair to good still and will only get better as water levels increase. Looks like warmer weather coming soon enough!

Tenkara fishing in Golden Colorado

Busted out the Tenkara rod from Tenkara USA today. I only had about 2 hours so I left the house light and ready to fish. Started at the 6th AVE bridge and headed towards the “Bridge to Nowhere” lots of small to medium browns and a ton of fun on the Tenkara rod. If you havent tried Tenkara yet get to Golden River Sports and ask Bart to get some in!