The Ice Is Upon Us! Clear creek update 11/16/12

Well, it is that time of year. With the recent temperature drop Clear creek has started to ice up. But, do not let this stop you. There is plenty of good fishing to be had as long as you are willing to make it happen. Golden through the canyon is icey in areas but you can still find open runs that are holding fish nicely. Idaho springs to Georgetown is your best bet for solid fishing. With Georgetown lake iced up right now and colder nights coming fishing through town is a no go. Rememember that the fish love the icey banks as it is a good place to hide. Today was warm so the fishing in downtown Golden was better than it has been in a few days. Midge patterns, Pheasant tails and Hairs ear nymphs work great and dont forget your BWO’s. You can still get away with a good stimi humpy pattern. Remember to pack some gloves and a winter hat and don’t forget the sunscreen! Even on cold days the reflection of the water can fry your face like the dead of summer! Tight Lines

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