Open Vise Night at Golden River Sports

Hey Everyone! We are happy to announce an open vise night at Golden River Sports on 8th and Washington in Downtown Golden Wed. December 5th from 6-8:30 come on down and set up your kit, share some stories, drink some beers and share some new patterns with a great group of local anglers. The shop will be open so feel free to stock up on things you need ( or don’t need). This is a great time to learn some new patterns / places to fish and even get the skinny on the conditions. Don’t have a set up? no problem, come down anyway and see what it is all about!

Fly Tying Classes Coming Up !

It’s that time of year again fellow fishers of Colorado! THat time of year to go through your boxes and jacket pockets to reorganize your flies. The winter months always make me sad that I won’t be casting a line as often as I did this summer. But, it is also great to sit down at my bench and come up with some new patterns and restock the old. I have teamed up once again with Golden River Sp

orts to do fly tying classes. Everyone is welcome and all you need is the time and the willingness to learn! We will equip you with everything you need to ” Tie one on” with no push to buy a full start up kit like most other shops do. Tying isn’t for everyone and why get overly invested before you even see if it is for you. Call Golden River Sports @ 303-215-9386 to sign up and get more info.

And we will be having a “Ties and Lies” night as well starting in December. A mid week gathering of locals who might already tie and just want to meet midweek for good conversation and share patterns and tall tails!

The Ice Is Upon Us! Clear creek update 11/16/12

Well, it is that time of year. With the recent temperature drop Clear creek has started to ice up. But, do not let this stop you. There is plenty of good fishing to be had as long as you are willing to make it happen. Golden through the canyon is icey in areas but you can still find open runs that are holding fish nicely. Idaho springs to Georgetown is your best bet for solid fishing. With Georgetown lake iced up right now and colder nights coming fishing through town is a no go. Rememember that the fish love the icey banks as it is a good place to hide. Today was warm so the fishing in downtown Golden was better than it has been in a few days. Midge patterns, Pheasant tails and Hairs ear nymphs work great and dont forget your BWO’s. You can still get away with a good stimi humpy pattern. Remember to pack some gloves and a winter hat and don’t forget the sunscreen! Even on cold days the reflection of the water can fry your face like the dead of summer! Tight Lines

Tenkara rods are in!

You have heard all the hype now come and check them out! Golden River Sports ( 8th and washington downtown golden) is now carrying Tenkara rods! THese bad boys are 98% carbon and super light! Collapsing down to 22″ you can bring them anywhere and everywhere. Stop lugging around to much and go super light on Clear Creek! The 390’s are 13′ long and will allow you to present a fly with little to no drag. And hook setting is a snap! Come on by and check them out ( remember the new hours has them closed mondays!) GRS also carries Tenkara leaders from Cutthroat leaders out of Idaho. Keep it local people!!!!!!!

Bear creek and clear creek

Get yourself to both waters as they are fishing great right now! Fall is a fabulous time to fish and there is still fantastic dry fly fishing to be had. Use para Adams size 18-20 and black humpy patterns ( GRS carries a rubber legged version that is killer ). Bwo and sit is can still be a hot item. Pheasant tails, black beauties and hares ears are great droppers and don’t forget your orange egg patterns as well. Browns are being super aggressive so remember to wait that half second before you set the hook!

The water is low and it’s time to go!

Get there and get there now! Clear creek is fishing at it’s best so grab your fly rod and hit the top water! Using small hoppers and stimi’s is the trick. Ya never know with the crazy weather how it will effect the fish! Downtown golden is great and make sure to hit the riffles!

New samples!

New samples from the river bottom. Great pics of caddis and baetis in transition. Downtown is fishing great on dries right now. Lots of fun having all the top water action again. Get there early or late because the in-between is a shit show. tons and tons of tubers and the heat is not helping either.

Samples 5/26/2012

The water is up a little and the fish have spread out! We are still getting great Caddis and BWO hatches along with our everyday midge hatch. The browns are really coming up for the dry fly and the most productive rig is a double rig. One hot butt caddis and one Para Adams. Get ready on the swing as they are readily taking it as you set back up for your next cast! Stoneflies are still going strong and I do still suggest a Copper John and BWO emerger as a Nymph rig.

Have fun people!